Производство и продажба на еко и био горива

KREARO произвежда и внася висококачествени еко пелети от Италия.

Нашите дървени еко пелети - pellets са икономични високо ефективни и биоразградими! Опитайте продуктите на КРЕАРО и отоплете вашия дом. уеб дизайн детски дрехи

Top quality eco pellets in Bulgaria come from KREARO

We have a long tradition in the production of fuel pellets starting in Italy and now Bulgarian territory

Produced pellets from environmentally wood material and very efficient fuel used to create heat. The main material - raw material for their production is pure pulp. Heating with wood pellets replace heating familiar to us now using biodegradable properties and low prices. One of their biggest advantages is that it can burn as in ordinary stoves and pellets boilers specialized in a really high coefficient of performance and very high avtomatizaiya. This type boilers exceed the effective operation of boilers with gas and electricity, as they dosed themselves required quantity of pellets to burn. pellets emit a smoke? Another feature is their unique tree that despite its basis in burning they emit black smoke. How much, how much, and whether the pellets leave ashes? Will delight you with the answer as unique eco pellets leave less ash in the boiler. But even if the content is valuable to you as you use it as manure for fertilising your garden with the natural texture of the pellets. This type of pellets heating is suitable for home in a house or building and industrial ones. So do developed countries like Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and many others. Use the pellets for your heating, you should know that not only help both you and your family and the environment. Yes that's right, the pellets are totally environment-friendly product. pellets are produced both KREARO have very high calorific value with very low water content. Among other things, the pellets save you money and are easy to store because they have a much smaller volume of wood and coal. The European Union encourages split pellets heating as a truly environmentally friendly and contemporary way of heating. Because burning wood pellets does not increase the level of carbon dioxide is responsible for climate change earth. Instead, our eco pellets turn into wonderful fertilizer with unique content of potassium and phosphorus.

Очаквайте скоро покана за "Седмица на отворените врати". Ще Ви очакваме всеки ден с въпроси или просто от любопитство на място, за да се запознаете съвсем отблизо с работния процес при направата на еко пелети.

Krearo Pellets is engaged in the production, marketing and distribution of woody biomass (Pellet) used as fuel in the production of renewable energy for residential, commercial and industrial heating applications.
Krearo operating facilities are located in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria with production lines designed and engineered in Italy and adopting the latest automation and production technologies.
The company, founded in June 2012 by Italian entrepreneurs, aims to meet the growing demand for pellets of the Italian, Bulgarian and Greek markets. The operating facility is managed by an Italian manager and employs 15 local employees.
The company mission is to serve its customers, residential and industrial, with a product of high quality and low environmental impact and to achieve and consolidate a leading position in the market through manufacturing excellence and best in class service offering.