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Нашите дървени еко пелети - pellets са икономични високо ефективни и биоразградими! Опитайте продуктите на КРЕАРО и отоплете вашия дом. уеб дизайн детски дрехи

Pellet represents a valid alternative to traditional energy sources for heating.
Firstly, it does not pollute the environment. The emissions of CO2 generated by pellet consumption for heating are essentially equal to zero. In fact, the carbon dioxide generated in the heating of the pellet fuel is equal to the carbon dioxide absorbed by the tree used to produce the same amount of pellets during the tree lifetime.
Secondly, it is a very economical fuel for residential and industrial/office heating.

A typical home might require 60,000 kWh of energy for heating and hot water per year. If we compare the cost of using wood pellets against other fuels, we can see that wood pellets are significantly cheaper than all other fuels with the exception of natural gas (based on equivalent boiler efficiencies).

Eco pellets - effectiveness tabella

(*) Net of pellet boiler subsidies as per Law

Therefore, in terms of residential and office/industrial heating, pellet is as economical as the cheapest fossil fuel (natural gas) but it is much less polluting than all other fossil fuels. This is why Governments in all major jurisdictions are strongly encouraging the adoption of pellet for residential and industrial heating use, by allocating subsidies for consumer and industrial users for the acquisition of the latest boiler technologies. The price of pellets is also more stable than price of other fossil fuels and protect protects heating system operators from the repeated hikes in energy prices.